Born:  June 7, 2009 (estimated)
Arrived at HOH:  September 1, 2009
AGe on Arrival: 3 months
Status:  Reunited with biological mother

First Picture

Recent Picture (most recent visit  to HOH - Aug, 2011)

Kate came to Haven of Hope at almost 3 months old. She joined our "family" on Tues, Sept 1st. She was taken to the police by a man who found her on his doorstep when he returned home from work. The police and Childrens Officer suspect he may have been the father.

Kate is a chunky little girl! She loves to laugh and smile. After feeding at night, she lays in her bed talking and cooing until she falls asleep. She has a ton of soft, curly hair and is a very beautiful baby. Kate is one of the easiest, most pleasant babies ever!

She has started teething and her favorite pastime is blowing bubbles and spitting. She has recently started playing and interacting more with her surroundings. Everyone who meets Kate falls in love with her, with very good reason!

Update: (June 2010)
Kate's case has become quite involved. Indeed, the man who reported her as "abandoned" was her father. Her mother is currently battling in courts to get her back. We have gone to court at least once per month since December, each time hoping that she will be reunited with her mother. Her mother is readying herself to take home and is trying hard to ensure that she can provide for her. She comes to visit Kate regularly.

Meanwhile, Kate is still growing! She is a happy, fun loving little girl. We call her "the bulldozer" as she just goes - no matter who or what is in her way! She loves her aunties and loves to sing. Her favorite song is "Good Morning, Elephant."

Update: (June 2011)
Kate is with her mother! After a 12 month court battle and15 months living in our home, she was finally taken home with her mother. They are doing very well and come to visit us in Nakuru occasionally. She did well adjusting to living with her mother, though she often asked for Julia, Miah and her aunties.

Their family's house (or one room in a strip of room-houses, rather) was recently burned. They lost everything. We were able to help them get back on their feet and set up a new household. They have relocated to their rural home and are now doing well. They recently attended HOH's Annual Reunion in August 2011.