Born:  October 24, 2008
Arrived at HOH:  August 14, 2009
Status:  Adopted, living in Italy

First Picture

Recent Picture (when he left HOH with his "forever family")

Jeremiah was 6 months old when we brought him home to Haven of Hope. He was our first little boy, named after Jeremiah 29:11, a promise that holds true for his life!!! He was completely abandoned by his mother and we have no information whatsoever. He was referred to Nairobi Children's Home, a government operated temporary placement shelter, in April. He was told to be 1 or 2 months old at the time. He was supposedly found and taken to the the Dagoretti Police Station, which is not far from our home, but we have no official record of that.

He was a tiny little guy when he came to us. He doesn't look so small in his "first picture," but he wore 3 mo clothes, even some 0-3's for the first two months he was with us. He started out as a super-serious little man but he is beginning to laugh and play and show his personality more. He still has a very serious, analytical side. He likes to look and study peoples' faces. But when he smiles, he can melt any heart! Jeremiah could not sit alone when he came to HOH. We were told he was six months of age, only to find out later that he was almost 10 months old. He was small and malnourished.

Update: Summer 2010
Since coming to HOH almost one year ago, Jeremiah has grown into a healthy, happy, hearty little boy. And he is ALL boy! He is a rough-and-tumble little guy, loves to run, play and laugh. He also has a very sweet and soft side, loving to hug the little babies and always ready to be a big brother helper. He has come so far in his first year at Haven of Hope and we are blessed to see him grow in the hope of a future that God has for him!

Update: Summer 2011
Jeremiah, the wild man who LOVES to play futbol, is now on his way to becoming a little Italian boy! He lives with his adoptive parents in Nairobi as they continue through the adoption process (6-9 months in-country time for international families).