Born:  August 4, 2009 (estimated)
Arrived at HOH:  October 22, 2009
Status:  Adopted

First Picture

Recent Picture - with his mommy & daddy

He was found as an abandoned baby in a park area by a woman who "exploited him." She carried him around with her, begging for "money to feed her baby." She was reported to the Childrens Department by people who knew the baby was not hers. When Eli was taken to the government childrens home, he was malnourished.

Eli is a pleasant little boy who has a beautiful smile. He likes to wake early and sit in the playroom while the girls are cleaning there. He is a great eater who really loves his food When he is not hungry, he is a very happy boy! When he is hungry or has an upset tummy, he can be quite loud in making his needs known, but otherwise, he is the most mellow little fellow. He has learned to sit and is trying to scoot and move around. He has just discovered his voice and loves to make noises.

Update: January 2011

Sweet Eli is 18 months old and is one the happiest babies you have ever seen! Though he was a bit of a high maintenance baby when he was small, he has grown into the most easy going baby in the home. He is truly one HAPPY little boy, and perhaps one of the funniest little guys ever. Not only does he love to laugh, he loves to make people laugh. He is full of funny faces and always seems to be entertaining someone.

Elijah has been submitted for adoption and we are awaiting his approval for being "freed" for adoption and subsequent match with prospective parents.

Update: April 2011

Eli has a family!!! His new mommy and daddy came to get him just a few weeks ago. We are so happy for Elijah and the bright future ahead of him.