Born:  January 4, 2009
Arrived at HOH:  August 14, 2009
Status: Neglected/Abandoned; adoption in process

First Picture

Recent Picture

Julia was almost one year old when she came into Haven of Hope. However, we were told she was 8 months old, and was developmentally at 6-8 month level.  She was taken to Nairobi Children's Home in March of 2009.  Her mother is mentally retarded and was unable to care for Julia. After giving birth, she progressively became more confused and could not even recognize her own baby, leaving her many places. The uncle to Julia's biological mother, unable to care for her himself, took her to Nairobi Children's Home.

First Update (January 2010):
Julia is known as "the easy one" and "the funny one." She was a small little thing when she came to us, wore all 3-6 mo clothes, but had no delays. She is quite a little mover. The first night and morning that she was in the house she was trying to get up on her knees to crawl. She had no trouble scooting around! Within a few days, she was crawling all over the place! She just needed space and opportunity to do what her little body was ready to do! Now she is walking everywhere and is just the cutest little girl. No longer a baby.

Julia's little personality is adorable! She likes to talk. It usually comes out in a loud, fast gibberish. She looks at you intently as if she expect you to understand and respond. And the conversation begins. She is starting to say real words, some English, some Kiswahili. She is Little Miss Personality and a total joy!

Current Update (June 2011):
Julia is no longer a HOH Baby, having been legally released into the custody of Trena Ivy, HCO Director. Julia is two and a half years old. A happy, beautiful little girl, she is very bright and quite a conversationalist. Her vocabulary is quite advanced, as are her reason skills, which can sometimes be quite a challenge to her mommy! She knows all her letters, sounds, colors, shapes, etc, and is even beginning to read words. She is a wonderful big sister to the babies in the baby house and spends a little time there most days.

As American adoptions have just recently reopened in Kenya, Trena will begin pursuing adoption of Julia upon her next trip to America, hopefully in the fall of 2011.