Born:  December 15, 2006
Arrived at HOH:  August 13, 2009

First Picture

Recent Picture

Elizabeth is 4 years old. She was referred to Nairobi Childrens Home by the High Court as her mother was declared "unfit." We are told that her mother is mentally unstable and tried to kill her. We do not know if this was an intention act or simply a negligent act due to her condition. Elizabeth was in NCH for over one year.

Lizzy has Cerebral Palsy (CP) and was unable to sit or even hold her head up when she first came to us. One arm was immobile and the other was very weak.  After many months of physical and occupational therapy, she is now able to sit, crawl, lift both arms over her hear, pick up and manipulate toys and objects, and use her upper and legs to crawl anywhere she wants to go. Her progress has been astounding. She currently receives physical therapy and has an extensive home program, which includes time each day in her standing equipment.

Elizabeth has a heart full of joy that radiates from her face! She is such a happy girl. Though her physical body is delayed and has deficits, her little mind is full functioning! She is a bright little girl and is aware of everything going on around her. Though she cannot speak, she communicates very well. She is a great big sister to the little babies, always there to wipe their face (though sometimes not so softly), rock them in the bouncy seat, or give them a toy to play with.

Can you tell that Lizzy LOVES to dress up and wear special things?! Princess dresses, big flower bows, new clothes, anything!