Arrived at HOH: June 24, 2011
Returned to Biological Family: December 5, 2012

First Picture:

Samuel was brought to Haven of Hope by our local Children's Department. His mother had recently died of AIDS and his grandmother was unable to care for him.  His grandmother and extended family hopes to take him back home as soon as they are able. They are working to prepare for him.

Little Samuel is a happy little boy who adjusted well to his new environment. He is a playful little guy who loves to run and is 100% BOY! He laughs and his whole face lights up.  He likes to climb and can easily maneuver the whole playset on our little playground.

Update: January 2012
While I (Trena) was in America, Sam-Sam, as the aunties called him, was returned to his family. His grandmother was faithful to come visit him the whole time he was at Haven of Hope. It was comforting to see that she cared enough to make the journey to our place, spend time with her grandson and prepare herself to take him home. Her coming and keeping the relationship with Sam helped to make his transition back home a smooth one. It is always a blessing to see a family reunited when it is a good place for the baby!