Born: October 1, 2010
Arrived at HOH: May 26, 2011

First Picture:

Recent Picture:

Kennedy was referred to Haven of Hope by the Children's Department when his mother, who was mentally ill, was unable to care for him. He was almost eight months old at the time. Though in decent general health, Kennedy was delayed in developmental milestones and showed signs of neglect. 

Within the first few months of Kennedy being at Haven of Hope, we began noticing where his developmental delays were and what direction we should go with therapy and treatment for him. The physiotherapist came to evaluate him, designed a treatment plan for him, and extensively trained the staff to be able to effectively carry out his home therapy plan. His physical milestones began to catch up, and he continues to progress each day. He also has a weak immune system and gets sick easily.

When Kennedy first arrived, and for the first 6 months of being in our home, he would be content to sit and stay wherever he was placed. He rarely, if ever, initiated movement from one place to another. The aunties worked hard and played hard with him, and he is now a little mover! He crawls all over the place.

Kennedy is a calm, sweet boy who loves to be held. He still does a great deal of stimming (self-stimulating), but he is also beginning to interact with others and his environment, which is a huge improvement.  

Update: May 2012
Kennedy continues to improve and is very close to walking! He easily pulls up on anything, and makes his way around by walking and holding on to whatever is close to him. He continues to struggle with a weak immune system. 

We hope to present his file to an adoption agency to begin the freeing process within the next month.