Who We Are

Founder/Director: Trena Ivy

Trena resides full time in Kenya with her daughter, Julia. She has lived there since June 2007. She manages the daily operations of the overall ministry and is actively involved in each of the sub-ministries.

Co-Directors of Kenya Projects: Andy & Ginny Thomas

We are excited to announce the addition of Andy & Ginny Thomas to our HCO team! Andy and Ginny and their four children, Hannah, David, Sarah & Joshua, will be moving to Kenya in June of 2012 to assist in the management of the ministry of His Cherished Ones and to be the Directors of the HCO Boys Program. They bring an wealth of experience, fullness of heart, and a passion for what the Lord has called them to do.

Co-Founder/ Director of Stateside Operations: Kris Heslop

Kris and her husband, Barry, reside in Houston, Texas. Kris manages the Stateside affairs of His Cherished Ones, Inc. As she visits Kenya, she becomes familiar with the on-the-ground operations and is effectively able to translate that knowledge into the business side of ministry’s operations.

HCO/Haven of Hope Staff

HCO has a wonderful Kenyan staff that work together to make the operations possible. There are ministry staff, childcare staff, support staff and security staff. Each one of these men and women play a special and vital role in changing the lives of those in need and helping to brighten the future of each child and adult they touch.