Our Boys

Teen Boys Home:

December 2010 God began opening doors for His Cherished Ones to not only care for infants and toddlers but older teenage boys (12-18 years old) as well.

HCO provides a home, schooling and a family environment to teenage boys. Each of these boys has a different story that brings them to our ministry. Some have been living on the street, others having been passed from one home to another. None of them had been in school, and none had lived in a stable family environment. They now have the opportunity to go to school and work to achieve their goals. And in that, it is our goal to instill within them the love of God and base of a strong faith and values that, along with their education, will help them raise and support godly families.

Meet our Boys:

Age: 17 years old
Grade: secondary school form 1 (9th grade equivalent)
Wants to be: neurosurgeon

Age: 16 years old
Grade: class 6
Wants to be: doctor

Age: 15 years old
Grade: class 7
Wants to be: engineer

Age: 12 years old
Grade: class 4
Wants to be: pilot

Age: 12 years old
Grade: class 2
Wants to be: engineer

Age: 8 years old
Grade: class 2
Wants to be: farmer