Born on: October 23, 2010
Arrived at HOH: November 20, 2011
Status: Abandoned; freed for adoption & awaiting placement

First Picture: 

Recent Picture: 

William Emmanuel came to us from Nairobi Children's Home. He was abandoned in the hospital at birth. Authorities reported him to the local Children's Department, who in turn, took him to Nairobi Children's Home. He was taken there by our previous District Children's Officer at our previous home in Ngong. He later told me that William was the only baby they had been referred since they brought Joseph to us, and had we still been in Ngong, they would have brought William to us directly. 

William was 3.5 weeks old when he came into HOH. He was a very calm, serious little guy with grown-up facial features. He looked like a wise old man in this baby's body. As he grew, he continued to be a quiet, calm boy....except when he was unhappy. And then, the volume of his cried made known to anyone nearby that he had a need. Though he spent the majority of his days sitting, laying, or playing quietly, keenly observing the world around him, when he cried, he did so in the loudest voice possible. 

William has continued to grow and thrive and become such a handsome little man. He is now a playful little boy who loves to run and climb. He still has a serious face, but this sweet boy loves to laugh! He is quite a little snuggle boy. My favorite time of day with William is in the evening, after supper, before bed. He will sit and cuddle and lay his head on my should for as long as I will stay and hold him. He is such a sweet little guy. 

Update: Spring 2012 - William has been freed for adoption and is awaiting placement with his forever family.