Born: May 26, 2010
Arrived at HOH:  May 26, 2010
Status:  Abandoned

First Picture:

Recent Picture:

A police officer showed up at our gate with a tiny newborn baby. The sweet, tiny little bundle was found on the highway in Kitengela, laying in a plastic bag. The police were alerted to his whereabouts, found him, and took him to the local clinic for a brief, general check. He was then taken to the District Childrens Office who then referred him to our home. He came to us as a fresh, brand new newborn, still not properly washed from his birth. It was obvious he was not even a full day old.

Joseph is in great health. He is precious little boy who is quite a cuddler! His pictures just do not do him justice! Everyone who sees him seems to be surprised that he is the same one in the pictures. He still sleeps a lot, but is beginning to have a few more hours of being awake in the daytime. We love having Joseph in our home!

Update: January 2011

What a joy to have Joseph in our home! This little man is growing like crazy! He is quite the chunky little thing. He has officially transformed from infant to baby and is becoming more and more independent each day. He is starting to crawl around and be very mobile. He loves to eat and is beginning to get used to the big baby food, though he still loves his bottle!

Joseph is quite an inquisitive little man and can entertain himself quite a while with a busy toy. He is really beginning to make connections and you can see his little mind soak things up as he explores things around him.

Update: Spring 2012

Little boy Joseph has been freed for adoption and is awaiting placement with his "forever family!" We cannot wait until he is a part of his family, going home with his very own mommy and daddy. 

A typical little boy, Joseph loves to run, play and explore outside. He loves bubbles, balls and playing peek-a-boo. And of course, he still loves his Auntie Maggie. Joseph is just passing the stranger anxiety stage that hit him pretty hard. He was not at all fond of new people. Now, he is beginning to return to his normal, friendly self, as we recently had a group of almost 20 visitors and did not cry, and even let a few of them hold him! His smile lights up the room and he truly does bring joy to the HOH home!