Born:  December 16, 2009 (approx)
Arrived at  HOH:  March 23, 2010
Status:  Abandoned at birth; rescued from Northern Kenya children's home
Freed for adoption; awaiting placement

First Photo

Recent Photo
We were called by Nairobi Childrens Home to come for David. He was brought there from the Childrens Department in Garissa, Northern Kenya in an effort to save his life. Three months old, weighing 3lbs, 4oz. When Trena met with the Childrens Officer from NCH she was told that they needed to wait a few days before taking him. They were not sure if he would survive the weekend after the hard journey to Nairobi, and according to the "officials," it is not good for them to have such cases of death within days of releasing the baby to a home. Trena left there, broken hearted and somewhat freightened at the situation at hand. This poor baby was lifeless and desperate. Leaving him in this government run home, housing over 80 children with 5 workers, was extremely disturbing and scary. To think that we would be taking this child in a few days IF he survived the weekend was a hard hit of the reality and gravity of the situation.

David did survive the weekend and Trena was given permission to take him. The difference in those few days was astounding! Though he was not receiving the quality care that he needed, he was given food. In those short days, David had gained weight and weighed 3lbs, 9oz when he came home to Haven of Hope.

David is a new child! God has redeemed his life from the near pit of death and given him a second chance. What a privilege for us to be a part of that! David is now a happy, healthy, growing boy!

Spring 2012 Update: David is a happy, healthy two year old! He loves to walk around and explore, and he really loves taking trips into town. He loves people and thrives on interaction. 

He has been freed for adoption and is "in waiting" to be matched with his forever family!

(3.5 months old)

(4 months old - finally reaching 6 lbs!)